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You've Been Defeated By Smelly Hockey Gear Long Enough. You don't have to tolerate it any longer.  

We know you have stinky gear. We also know that you don't have a lot of time. So, we come to you. Whether you're at work, at home,at the arena or at your favorite place to watch the game,  we'll be there.

The Sani Sport Machine. #1 in Hockey Equipment Sanitation!


SaniSport developed a patented  system to disinfect your gear using only ozone. Their chemical and water free system is truly awesome. No soap, no heat, no steam, no chemicals! 

The Sani Sport system has been sanitizing sports equipment since 2002 and have done a great job with hockey, football, lacrosse equipment and many other sports gear and tactical equipment. 

Currently, the Sani Sport machine is used by 28 NHL teams, 16 NFL teams and 5 MLB teams, And, the same machine is used by several local law enforcement and military throughout North America, 

We chose the Sani Sport as it was the the fastest and most effective machine on the market. And, I mean, the owners manual is only 2 pages where others were anywhere from 10 - 20 pages. Sani Sport has kept it simple, just the way we like 

Open Net


The Hockey Laundry is truly 100% Canadian. 

Like almost every kid in Canada, hockey is our game. The owner of The Hockey Laundry had twigs in his hands and blades on his feet at the age of 6. He knows your gear is gnarly, and this is how The Hockey Laundry came to fruition.  There was an open net and  we took a shot -  no one was doing what we are offering, so we made it happen.

As a parent, we know your time is sparse, so we're mobile. That's right, we come to you! Boom, 15 minutes your gear is fresh and we're out of your hair. 

We have a truck, full enclosed trailer and a machine used by 28 NHL teams and we feel you will be very happy with the results, so we guarantee it! 

TAKE THE SHOT and give us a call. 

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