The Hockey Laundry Business Opportunity. You're in good company.




When customers speak, we need to listen. It's that time for a one of a kind business opportunity in sports equipment cleaning.

We started The Hockey Laundry with the intention of creating a franchise network, This said, there hasn't been a tournament where we've not been asked  multiple times if we are a franchise. We take this as great news as the market is ready for what we are offering.

We have considered franchising, but, the cost of building a franchise is extremely expensive for you and us too.  Our goal is to make you successful. That won't happen with a slue of lawyers fees to build the franchise. However, licensed brand dealership, is defiantly achievable.!

We have put some thought into who would be a great candidate for The Hockey Laundry Dealership.

* Hockey parent (s)

* Family 

* Semi retired

* Recently received a "package"

* Young adult who used to play. ( first hand experience goes a long way)

* Parents buy there kids a job and teach them the value of entrepreneurship. 

*  Angel investor. 

* Someone with a lot of connections in the business.

* Sport enthusiast. 

* All of the above or a combination. 

What you get:

* First season royalty free. 10% there after.

* No fee advertising fee for your first season.  $300-$500 a month there after, price is subjective to your territory(s)

* No money back policy. 

* Proven consumable rates. 

* The best considerable products. 

* Use of the NHL logo ( as seen on this page.)

* Use of The Hockey Laundry logo. 

* Business cards, flyers, posters and stand up banners.

* Branded shirts, hats and graphics for your trailer.

* Radio commercials.

* Hands on /on site coaching on how to sell the service and create opportunities. (it doesn't sell it's self)

* Expert training about the smell, the infections and ozone. ( No one really knows the details).

* Tournament schedule and bookings. 

* Lead generation.

* Website, online marketing and free website updates.

* Appointment settings

* Facebook and Instagram page development.

* Monthly Facebook and Instagram paid marketing.

* Sales Training. At times you will be asked to present the service. We can coach you on how to manage these meetings. 

*  Starter Pack of the best of the best retail items to increase sales. i.e. Howies products, Gear Halo, Fresh Mitt, The Hockey Laundry Spray and more.

* Average monthly income,  (10-15 days a month) tournament season, $4500. Huge increase around Christmas and end of season bookings.

Who you are:

* Non smoker. We are in the cleaning business and you will be up close and personal with customers. This looks bad. 

* Physically able. The business requires bending, moving and lots of standing 

* Outgoing.

* Be willing to work evenings and weekends. 

* Student mentality. 

* Be prepared to travel, ( we use Airbnb for our stay)

* Intuitive

* Personable

* Strong willed. Tournaments get very tiring on the last day, which is usually the busiest day. 

* Professional

* Honest. Sometimes you need to be straight forward, with a smile. There's a lot of misconceptions as to what the smell is and what the machine is. 

* And mostly, adaptable and service oriented..  i.e. On a couple of occasions, I was asked to stay after a tournament and do a couple of teams equipment. I was exhausted, but did it. 


* 4 years or newer truck or SUV that can tow a 12 foot enclosed trailer, up to 3000 lbs ( the machine weighs 250lbs, products can wight in excessive of 300lbs, generator, several sets of gear can weight in excessive of 500lbs. additional fuel, and incidentals.)

* 12 foot enclosed trailer min, NEW ONLY!. This is your bread and butter. Buying used is risky.  These can be leased.. Exceptions if you already have a trailer that is less than 1 year old and not been abused. 

* Trailer must be wrapped. Graphics will be supplied. (cost between $1200/1800.. We can get it done for you, at your cost. 

* Sani Sport machine. We will assist you in making the purchase via lease, loan or out right.  Financial institution do not know how to categorize the machine. 

*  1 year new 3550 watt generator or more. About $500 ( or inverter in you vehicle) 

*  Safe storage of the trailer. 

* Vulnerable sector screening. (police check). You will be dealing with kids and money. 

* Drivers abstract. As we are a mobile business, you must not have anything that stops you from driving.  If you have an appointment or a tournament and get pulled over which prevents you from meeting   your appointments, this can very damaging to the business. 

* Insurance on your car, business. Lease insurance for trailer, machine or vehicle.

* Back up fund of $3000 for incidentals. ( credit card, cash, line of credit)


Since this is the launch of our Licence Dealership Opportunity, the dealership fee is very light. Furthermore, the cost varies based on how many territories you would like and how many machines you buy. The more you buy, the cost cones down per unit and territory.. 

Let's talk Turkey

For a single territory, with your own vehicle , you can be up and running for $45,000, making your money back in 18 months.. Essentially that's 2 hockey seasons and one summer. 

We are looking for dealers to start next season 2019/20. If this is of interest, please give us a call.


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