Untreated Hockey & sport equipment can cause the following







You Don't Need To Live With Infected Gear Anymore. We Come Directly To You.


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The Real Cause of Smelly Hockey and Sport Gear.

What is the actual cause of smell in your equipment?

*****BACTERIA POOP!!!*****

Bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, and Propionibacteria acnes, (MRSA's) are feeding on your sweat and body secretions to produce bromidrosis, otherwise known as B.O which then produce their own microbe manure. Manure = bacteria poop!!!! And that's the smell!

(Microbe - a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation.)

And then, if not treated.... this is where disease and skin infections come in. 

Washing gear at home does not kill the bacteria that creates the poop or rid of the poop. The water will never be hot enough to achieve this, so ... the bacteria just keeps pooping. Harsh chemicals on gear can cause the player to get skin irritation. Fabric softener only harbours the bacteria and has zero bacteria killing properties. 

Ozone (our machine) has proven to kill bacteria with many different uses such sport gear, pet beds and child toys, medical utensils with ZERO residue and much more. And, many water treatment applications. 

There are other "washing" systems out there. They are from 2x to 4x more expensive than THL, you are without your gear for a day or so, and the equipment can feel tough. THL takes just 15 minutes and we go directly to you, in your driveway. 

That smell is no laughing matter, it's very serious. 

If you're interested in a service from THL, please feel free to shoot us a message. 

You can now be free from odor causing  bacteria manure. 


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